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Fathers Day was good to me this year, I was able to bring the most important person in the world fishing. The best part of that was that the trout cooperated as we caught fish ever cast till we left. After we caught our fish we scouted a little and I drifted about a 1/2 mile on the beach and caught trout every cast. Live shrimp and the always super Berkley rattle shrimp did the damage as we have a lot of fillets to send home with my daughter next weekend when she comes and visit.
I gave a call to Capt Chris Venable to come help me test a new series of baits today. Well all I can say is the fish liked the baits a lot, so much so that I will have to toughen them up a little so we can catch more than a few fish on each one. With the testing done we decided to put a few trout in the boat and it was game on with the Cocodrie Cocahoe's. Tight lined or under a cork it was fish after fish all morning long. It sure is nice to use a bait that doesn't fall down on the hook or tear real easy. Both Chris and I only changed baits a couple of times and we figured that we caught close to 100 trout. Both of us were saying that its double rig time. No reds mixed in the trout today though the Dularge Tri-swords are starting to show up. It's trout time so give me a call and lets get out there and catch some. Capt Tommy Pellegrin 985-851-3304
Fishing Reports

Well snapper season has come and gone with great results on big snapper all season. We strived to keep only 10 pounds or bigger snapper and we probably averaged 12 pounds for the season on snapper. Lots of 14 to 16 pound fish with the largest for the season at 25 pounds. The mangrove snapper were the ticket for the year though. They kept the fish box filled with snapper sense you can't keep but 2 red snapper. The cobia fishing was totally phenomenal with limits coming easy during June. We even got some video of us hand feeding cobia after we had a limit in the box. Both Capt. Tim and Capt Tommy made sure all of their customers were very well taken care of and had lots of fun catching fish. When you are ready to fill the box with great eating fish and have a great time doing it call Custom Charters, 985-851-3304.


Sense the red snapper season has ended I have placed an order for lots of mangrove snapper and big ones to be waiting for the customer's hooks. Well so far the mangroves have kept up their end of the bargain. We limited out on mangroves on Friday and Saturday this week with the largest one going very close to 14 pounds. Again no STAR ticket owned by the fisherman. On Saturday 7/23/2011 I had the Cortec gang and we ran into a spot that the mangroves were big and mean and didn't want to come very far out of the rig. I know we must have broken off 25 or more at that spot before Wayne finally got the big one out. I even tried and couldn't get one out. You would think that 80 pound Berkley braid and 100 pound Berkley Big Game mono could do the job but these fish at that spot were just mean. Two days in a row I left them biting at that spot, anyone wants to try and win the STAR the fish are there and waiting for you. Capt Tim and I have lots of days open in August and besides mangroves the amberjack season will be open and they are hungry and waiting for you also. It’s time to get your HIGH LIFE JIGS and start jigging the jacks. We made a little test run on the jacks and the largest one we found was around 100 pounds. Couldn't keep him to get an official weight but my deck hand Bryson is in the picture and he is 120 and the fish is his size so you make your guess. This fish was caught by Tom Buck on a Penn 12VS with 60 pound Berkley Big Game mono next to a rig. Tom kept thinking he was stuck on the rig but I kept assuring him that he just had a big fish. The others we caught were all around 50 pounds and all swam away with ease and I hope they stick around till August. Give us a call at Custom Charters 985-851-



I bet all of you thought I fell of the end of the earth because I haven't put up a report in such a long time. Well I've been very busy catching fish with customers from all over the country. Capt Tim has been doing the same when he's not vacationing in Mexico. While this was going on Capt Light Bulb aka Greg Schlumbrect came and filled in and commenced to show everyone he can fish mangrove snapper like the best Captains around. Maybe it's just that the fishing is that good right now. What you need to know is that if you want red snapper time is running out. July 14th and July 17th are the only openings we have right now between the REEL LIFE and the HIGH LIFE. The red snapper have been averaging 12 to 15 pounds and the mangroves 5 to 10 pounds with some over 10 every day. We are still catching cobia on most days with some getting close to 60 pounds. August is coming along with amberjack season so let's get you in the books for a great trip jigging HIGH LIFE jigs for these brutes. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story about all of the happy customers.

'REEL LIFE' Fishing

Yesterday was one of the windiest days I think I ever fished. That was all of the bad news though because the red fish didn't mind the wind at all. I took Drake Hoffpauir along with his Dad Benji and grandfather Looper. It was Drake's day to catch the fish because he was on fire. I tried to catch one next to him but the reds must have known what hook was his because I didn't do so good while Drake was fishing. Looper did his thing catching his share and Benji just sat back and enjoyed the day. We ended the day with their 15 reds and 4 flounders. Not bad for a very windy day. For your day call Capt. Tommy Pellegrin.

Today June 18, 2011 my good customer Rob Vick came down and braved the seas for a fantastic mangrove bite. With the seas running 3 to 4's we only ventured out about 15 miles and when I say on like fire it was on. The mangroves were jumping in the boat like trout under the birds. One after the other with a red snapper mixed in. The mangroves were averaging 3 to 5 pounds and the reds going 10 to 12 pounds. At 10:15 little Austin was pretty sick and we called it a day with 45 mangroves and out limit of red snapper at 10. We were only 5 away from the mangrove limit but with the sea condition and Austin being sick the decision was made and we got to the dock at noon. That was a quick trip with over 300 pounds of fish caught in only 1.5 hours of fishing. For you day on the water call Custom Charters, LLC @ 985-851-3304
Scotty Gaudet and gang show off their catch.

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